guide to good coffee

Good coffee as we know it is just within reach, but proper caution and selection must be exercised as there are lots misleading information.

A wide array of coffee products are available on the market these days but consumer economics and marketing are selling “gourmet” coffee as something that you can find off the shelf in any supermarket or amongst the many coffee spots available around.

The truth is that it takes a little bit for searching for really good coffee. Finding real high-grade coffee is much easier nowadays thanks to the wealth of information on the subject.

A great majority of people have never ever tasted good coffee. A huge bulk of the coffee products that are available for consumption in the United States are commodity-grade mass produced coffee which has been farmed more for quantity than for its flavor or quality.

Learn to favor high quality coffee

Almost all of the coffee products that you would find in restaurants and supermarkets, even major cafes such as Starbucks, are inferior products. First up these mass-produced coffee products are just too large in volume that these would probably end up in warehouses where it would end up staying for months. Freshness is now lost as well as the coffee bean’s aroma and flavor.

The coffee beans available in the market are also typically roasted a little too much that it should be wherein a lot of the inherent characteristic flavor of the coffee bean variety is being lost. The lack of freshness is being masked by the roasting.

What remains is the effect of the roasting characterized by the presence of caramelized sugar flavors. The taste can actually be good but the issue is the coffee bean’s inherent flavor and aroma is already gone. The marketplace is currently saturated with inferior coffee grades making the prices quite unstable as well but some of the best coffee produce go for $100 to 200 per pound. Rare or seasonal varieties go for much higher too.

What makes a great taste

Great tasting coffee exhibits a very complicated flavor and aroma. The fruit of the coffee plant goes through a whole process to transform it into coffee. The plant has been cultivated all over the world, in different soils and terrain and each different region produces coffee of varying taste.

Coffee grounds that have been carefully roasted retain the characteristic flavors of the bean’s point of origin producing a more complex-tasting brew. There are lots of ways to enjoy your cup of coffee. Properly sourcing your supplier of coffee beans will assure you of a fine-tasting brew. Make sure that the beans are fresh and the one’s to be used in your coffee are freshly-ground for added zest.

There is a whole lot more to the coffee roasting process than just light, medium, or dark roasting coffee beans. Different varieties call for different types of roasting to bring out and achieve a certain flavor. A lot of factors also come into play like the washing as well as the drying process of the beans. Most fine coffee roasters will do so lightly for the coffee to retain its natural goodness making the actual flavor of the beans standout rather than the flavor infused by the roast.

Qualities of good coffee

Coffee tasting allows us to appreciate the brew. It’s almost always a comparison and taking down notes of your observations are imperative for you to improve your brew! Aside from personal taste, do take note of its characteristics like acidity, body, aroma and overall flavor. Acidity refers to that tangy taste while aroma refers to the smell of the coffee. Body is what is described as the weight of the coffee drink whether it has a thin or thick consistency.

Flavor refers to the overall combination of characteristics exhibited by your brew. Experienced coffee tasters are able to point out certain characteristics of different types of copy but the majority of people would be able to discern between stale and fresh coffee. Once you’ve tried different types of coffee you’ll be sure to find your favorite as well as be able to tweak the preparation to suit to your taste. Now that’s the coffee for you!

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