How To Find Good Coffee Locally

By on 2014
how to find good coffee

Sadly, amongst the numerous coffee houses cafes and other places that serve coffee, there is a lot of inferior coffee being served. Wanting to try out fine coffee will take some legwork and lots of research.

Your location also sort of dictates this as some coffee products may or may not be available to you. The usual options are of course to get your brew from a reputable coffee shop or to ultimately brew your own coffee at home.

Finding a fine coffee shop that serves quality coffee products certainly has been quite easier these days with the widespread use of the internet as an information database.

Wherein in the past this would require many costly visits to numerous cafes, nowadays it’s just a matter of visiting a couple of websites looking for recommendations as well as getting information about the establishments without manually going from one place to another.

Read reviews of coffee shops online

The internet also has lots of coffee blogs made by coffee enthusiasts and checking out reviews of coffee spots will help you. This helps narrow down your choices amongst the many coffee shops that are available. From these narrowed down possibilities, one still needs to actually visit the coffee shops, do some taste testing and check out their facilities. There are a couple of things to look for to see if an establishment is really serious about serving good coffee.

If an establishment’s main product is coffee itself then you’re off on a good start. Having one product as a business’ core most probably means that a lot of detail and care goes into their product as it is their main focus. However there are also some non-coffee shop establishments that serve fine coffee out there particularly high-end pastry shops and the like.

Look for fresh brewed coffee

Always look for freshly brewed coffee. When you walk into a coffee shop check out and see if you can notice if the carafe of the coffeemaker is full. This is an unfavorable sign as the coffee may be hot but it is not fresh. Freshly brewed coffee requires some preparation time and you might have to wait for a while but the perks in terms of aroma and flavor are big.

Fine coffee establishments take pride in their coffee supply. Usually you could ask the barista and they should be able to tell you about their beans, its origin and who roasted it which tells you a lot of the coffee shop’s attention to detail in regards to your favorite drink. Some coffee shops even procure their own supply direct from the source itself to assure their clients of freshness and quality and some firms are already roasting their own beans.

Don’t be afraid to ask the shop owners

People into coffee culture are usually the one in good coffee shops and should be able to tell you a thing or two about finding good coffee. Ask the coffee shop staff or barista about their thoughts on their products and ask for recommendations. They should be more than willing to help you out, ask you about your preferences and tell you what’s in store for you at their coffee shop.

Good quality coffee shops tend to offer more options and varieties. As these people are immersed into coffee culture they should ultimately know that coffee does not taste as if it is just black or white. There are lots of coffee varieties each with its individual set of colorful flavors. Some have a chocolate-like character while others are fruity.

A good example would be finding a coffee shop that offers coffee varieties based on the coffee bean itself. Finding “Kona”, “Costa Rican”, and the like on the coffee shop menu not only informs the consumer but also shows the shop’s serious intent in providing coffee.

Finding generic terms like “Bold Blend” is a red flag that the coffee shop is just a run-of-the-mill spot. Putting all these things into consideration and you’re sure to find yourself a reputable coffee shop that serves great coffee!

What’s your “House” Coffee?!

Whether you are at a fine coffee shop or in front of your coffee maker, the coffee that you would enjoy depends largely on your coffee beans and coffee grounds. Same as with coffee shops, one of the first things to consider is getting your preferred variety of freshly roasted coffee beans!

The most obvious first choice in looking for coffee beans is your favorite coffee shop. It is also worth looking into the local coffee roasters. It is ideal that the coffee beans you are going to purchase have their roasting date recorded so you’re assured of its freshness as well as other information like the source of the coffee beans and others.

A wide range of available coffee bean varieties indicates that your coffee bean source is good. A reputable coffee bean shop is quick to react to customer inquiries and educates them on their products in general.

Once you have acquired your beans it needs to be grinded for the proper extraction of coffee elements from the coffee grounds. The characteristic of the grind mainly depends on the coffee maker variety that you are going to use. French press and percolators use coarse grinds while drip coffee makers use fine to medium grinds. Espresso machines on the other hand utilize super fine grinds.

Grind your own coffee beans

It’s best to grind your coffee beans just before brewing your coffee. There are better equipped coffee makers out there that already have this feature built-in. Separate motorized and manual coffee grinders are also available. If this is too troublesome there are also pre-ground coffee beans available.

Your brew method may vary but proper extraction should occur if your brew method of choice follows the adequate steeping / contact time and your water is at the recommended temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit. With all these points covered you are assured to extract the maximum coffee goodness from your coffee grounds. Now pop your coffee grounds into your coffee maker and start enjoying good coffee at the comfort of your own home!